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Friday, August 19, 2016

Northern Transcon from Crew Member Perspective (Retta Deane)

The following is Retta Deane's own account:

Someone suggested a post on this blog concerning the role of the crew.  I speak as a greenhorn crew member.  As Susan our fearless leader stated pre tour, "We will have fun!"  Two veteran crew members whom I sought pre tour advice from said, "Expect organized chaos the first few days, pitch in and help where you can, then in a few days you begin to learn the routine."  All of the above has proven true.

I would describe each day as fast, fun, and furious - never a dull moment, long and exhausting, but extremely rewarding.  The duties range from hand washing thousands of dishes (PAC runs a "green" environmentally considerate feeding of their 48-58 hungry cyclists and crew), to purchasing groceries, preparing, cooking and presenting nutritious, delicious breakfasts and lunches, plus 2-4 rest stops a day.  As Susan said, "Can you believe it?  It is as if we open and close a restaurant twice a day!!"

Since I had our car with me, I have been privileged to help many cyclists get a "boost" from one rest stop to another, or a ride into the hotel after lunch.  A half dozen minor injuries occurred during this tour, and it has been my privilege to be with the affected riders at the emergency room where they received help, and to give rides to pharmacies.

I thank God for the marvelous experience of seeing more of His creative handiwork in the USA and for the joy of meeting amazing people who have become "like family."

Fearless Leader Susan Notorangelo

From left, Retta Deane, Michelle, Alice (joined us midway), Aracely
Front to back, Zoe Bohaty, Barb Bohaty, Dave Jordan, John Lake, Susan Notorangelo
Veronica, Michelle and Retta Deane
Retta Deane and Aracely
Phil Bohaty - long time crew member, Barb's husband and father of Zoe
John Lake, another long time crew member
Jim, Susan, and Susan's daughter Rebecca

Lunch on a rainy day under canopy

Still had time for some sightseeing
Our faithful CRV did a lot of duty.  Susan taking a picture
Jerry, veteran PAC Tour rider and crew member, joined us in Minnesota.  Like other crew members, he rode every other day.
Lon and Susan have been running these tours for 30+ years.  Lon designed and built all of the storage units in both trailers to make efficient use of space.  He is also chief mechanic and is an expert at making things work.


  1. Congratulations to you Deane!!🚲 Can't wait to hear all about your adventures!

  2. Deane,
    So interesting - you view on the PAC Tour ....
    Glad ' our ' CRV didn't let you down. Know you have lots more miles on yours now !
    Honk when you round the corner !!


  3. As a former PAC tour rider, THANK YOU for your work. No way I could have done the ride without the encouragement and support of the crew.

  4. Bob and Rhetta, My husband and I live in Graham NC. We read about your ride in the local paper here. Mike is an avid cyclist and is trying to get in touch with Bob to ask some questions about this ride as he is planning to do a ride like this in the near future. We run Conklin Oil on Hwy 54 in Graham and can be reached there or at email address conlp54@yahoo.com. Thanks so much! Mike and Angela Conklin