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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Northern Transcon Day 22 - Portage to Manitowoc WI

Another beautiful day, with just enough cloud cover to provide some shield from the sun.  We did have some headwinds this morning, and a little more climbing than was anticipated, but enjoyed another day of traveling through some of Wisconsin's prime agricultural area.

This was our last day in Wisconsin, as we board the SS Badger tomorrow for a ferry ride across Lake Michigan.

I haven't been as dead tired in the evening as I thought would happen, and so far no cramps or knee problems.  The minor saddle sore issue has cleared up, and no one has come down with a head cold or virus.  I determined when I started this tour to ride my own pace, and I think that is key to enjoying the ride and not incurring overuse injuries such as swollen knees and Achilles tendonitis.

Jim joined us today as a crew member, and Lon's parents Ed and Mary Jane, along with Lon and Susan's daughter Rebecca, are also now helping.  A lot of work is required to prepare food for this many hungry people, and have it ready on time.  It does help at lunch that the riders arrive at different times, so the food line is not overwhelmed at once.

Cheese factory

Cedar Crest Ice Cream Parlor in Manitowoc WI

We met Emily, our nephew Andrew's fiance, for dinner in Manitowoc

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  1. Bob,
    You and Dean are looking great [would know her smile anywhere].
    Regards to Emily and Andrew,