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Monday, August 8, 2016

Northern Transcon Day 23 - Manitowoc WI to Ludington MI

A very short day, biking that is (3 miles).  We also enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, walk around Manitowoc, and a four hour ride across Lake Michigan on the SS Badger.  This ship operates between Manitowoc WI and Ludington MI, and has an efficient and expert crew.  All vehicle loading and unloading is handled by valets.  The huge RVs and trailers are backed in and then driven out facing forward, as there is just one way to get vehicles into the ship.  The bike riders wheeled bikes in and then carefully lined them up about 10 deep (see photo).

Beautiful weather, breezy but not chilly topside, and a calm Lake Michigan made for a pleasant trip.

Tomorrow we ride 135 miles to Midland MI, with breakfast 6 - 6:30.  We did lose an hour today due to entering the Eastern Time Zone.

SS Badger arriving at Manitowoc

Our bikes packed in like sardines.  The ship ride was very calm so bikes did not get jostled around.  It just took a while to get your bike out if it was near the back.

Leaving Manitowoc

Lighthouse at Ludington MI

Ludington MI

Ludington MI


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  1. Michigan is a beautiful state. Visited family years ago and went to get the best Fudge in the World .. on the Island !
    Found out quickly that even though it was July, it didn't mean it wasn't warm.
    Safe travels,