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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Northern Transcon Day 25 - Midland to Imlay City MI

This was one of our shorter days - only 103 miles and pretty flat.  It took about 10 or 12 miles of riding to get out of Midland proper and onto some roads with lighter traffic.  One of the initial city streets we were on (Eastland) had beautiful marigolds all along the sidewalks on each side.

I spent a good part of today riding solo, although I could usually see riders in the distance.  Jack must have been feeling a little friskier today, as he was riding faster than usual.  I always caught up with him at rest stops and we left together, but within 10 miles he gradually pulled away.  We did ride together on another great bike path (Southern Links Trailway) for several miles before the lunch break.

There were sections of excellent and poor pavement today.  On the rough stuff, I prefer to have plenty of room to maneuver around cracks and potholes, so it was good to be riding solo in those areas.

The second rest stop featured ice cream at the shop next door, courtesy of PAC Tour.  On these hot days anything cold is refreshing (ice cream, watermelon, ice water, etc.).  It hasn't been as hot this year as some previous Northern Transcontinentals, where some riders suffered severe dehydration or heat exhaustion.

Tomorrow we go across the border into Canada, with our overnight destination at St. Thomas, Ontario.

Leaving Midland - marigolds along the street

Jerry (crew member) deciding on a flavor of ice cream at the second rest stop
Paved bike trail (Southern Links Trailway)


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  1. Thank you for the postcard, Deane ... we are passing it around !