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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Wisconsin Hill Country Day 0 Checkin

After enjoying a get together and meal with a few of the crew and riders last evening at Lon and Susan's house, Retta Deane and I headed over to Beloit's Rodeway Inn at 10 a.m. for check in.  Riders began trickling in and assembling their bikes; around noon a small group of us headed out to ride 18 miles to the ice cream shop in Sharon WI.  Roads were very low traffic and generally good condition, although some sections did require vigilance in dodging potholes.  Lush green fields of corn lined most of the route.  The return route followed a slightly different course, but equally pleasant with some moderate rolling hills.

PAC Tour put out a great dinner in the parking lot and Lon covered the important points of the week.  All but 3 riders are veterans of previous PAC Tour events, so most of this was a review.  It was good to meet some new people and get reacquainted with riders from last summer's Northern Transcon.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the most difficult day - 94 miles with a good amount of steep climbing.



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  1. Ooopppsss ... forgot your start date. All is fine this way ( very hot ) and yes, the construction you spoke of Bob -- really moving along.
    Have a great ride and give Deane a huge hug ~