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Friday, March 10, 2017

PAC Tour Desert Camp Day 6 - Sierra Vista to Tucson

The final day of Century Week had record setting hot temperatures in Tucson for March 10.  It really felt like summer.  I went with the route through Fort Huachuca, which followed the same course I used Tuesday as far as Sonoita.  The fort is named after the Huachuca Mountains, so this route is pretty tough with a lot of climbing in the first 30 miles.  Rest stops were further apart as well.  I did miss a turn, resulting in a couple of bonus miles before lunch.

The last 20 miles after lunch was shared with Victor from Ontario, Marsha, and Alice.  We ride at a similar pace so that made the final miles pass pleasantly.



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  1. Have enjoyed going along for the ride ... Hi, to Deanne !

    See y'all later,