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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

PAC Tour Desert Camp Day 3 - 200K Brevet Option

I signed up for the optional 200K as a way to snag my March R-12 ride.  This particular brevet is an out and back ride from Sierra Vista to the Nogales airport, and takes you through Fort Huachuca.  Miles 10-30 and 90-110 are the toughest, with a lot of steep climbing.  There are plenty of long grades in other sections, making this one of the more difficult 200K brevets I have ridden.

Weather and scenery were both outstanding.  One advantage of riding solo is that I can stop anytime I want to get a picture.  Four of us started the brevet at 7 am, but I could only stay with the group for a couple of miles.  There is a long gradual climb before entering Fort Huachuca, and it is best for me to just settle into a cadence and not worry about the other riders slipping off the front.

Tomorrow's ride is the Bisbee-Gleeson loop, with 70 and 100 mile options.

This tiny airport still rates the word "International" in its name.  This serves as the turn around point for the 200K brevet.
White tailed deer watched me as I stopped for a drink of water
Finished the 200K in daylight (just under 11 hours elapsed)



  1. The white tailed deer knew you weren't from his corner of this Earth .. got to watch those humans !

    Great photos ~


  2. "I could only stay with the group for a couple of miles"

    Who is it that is known for saying "just let them go"?

    Yes, it is "NCBob" who has made that phrase known from Asheville to Zebulon and beyond.