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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

PAC Tour Desert Camp Day 4 - Bisbee Gleeson Loop

Although there was a 70 mile option for today, I'm not sure it would have been any easier, as it required climbing back over Mule Pass from Bisbee, after just climbing and descending the pass.  The century route, which I chose, had its own challenges, specifically a 5 mile section of torn up road and a 12 mile gradual climb on Gleeson Road on the way to historic Tombstone AZ.

Mule Pass came pretty early in the day and is a tough climb through the Mule Mountains.  After a rest stop, we were treated to a fast descent into historic Bisbee.  Generous use of brakes was required due to the rough pavement, especially as we neared Bisbee.

Most riders took a break at the Bisbee Coffee Company before heading out for 30 miles to the next rest stop.  We encountered a 5 mile section of very rough road (N Central Highway) before entering Elfrida.  It wasn't even graded gravel, just old pavement that had been scraped down.

The aforementioned 12 mile gradual ascent on Gleeson Rd was followed by some fast downhills and rolling hills, which eventually brought riders to the lunch stop at mile 82 in historic Tombstone.  After lunch we had a fairly quick 19 miles into the motel at Sierra Vista.


Rough road
Fast crew caught me on Gleeson Rd
Historic Tombstone AZ

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  1. Definitely some rough road ... great PR for the Bisbee Coffee Co. Stay safe, My Friend.