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Monday, July 10, 2017

Wisconsin HIll Country Day 2 - Dodgeville to Viroqua

A heavy thunderstorm moved through Dodgeville and surrounding area late last night, but by the time we finished breakfast and loaded gear bags (7:45 am), skies were clearing and roads were nearly dry.  Today's route was slightly over 80 miles, with a good mix of steep climbs and long downhill runs.  Nearly all roads were in very good to excellent condition; there were just a few short sections of hard pack gravel.  So far I haven't noticed anyone getting a flat tire.

Retta Deane and I are doing more laundry in the motel sink than we did on the Northern Transcontinental (PAC Tour provides clothes detergent).  It seems to take less time overall to just take care of the day's wash immediately instead of throwing it in a laundry bag and hoping there will be a laundromat available 3 days down the road.

We have seen many attractive farmsteads and rolling fields of corn stalks.  Traffic is very light on the narrow back roads of southwest Wisconsin.

Tomorrow is another 80 mile day, but not as much climbing.  Part of the route will be on a long bike trail with three tunnels, so lights are required.



  1. Love your blog and pictures!!! It is a privilege to ride with you!

  2. Beautiful shots of farmland .. and Deane --- love the polka-dot designer gloves ~ Have a good day ... things are really rising behind y'all !