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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wisconsin Hill Country Day 4 - Mauston to Spring Green

We were expecting a heavy storm between 4 and 6 am, but it actually hit shortly before 6, with lightning and heavy windblown rain.  Looking out the motel window, I commented that it would be suicidal to go out there on a bike.  Retta Deane and I walked down to the breakfast area to join a few other riders and watch the weather channel.  Lon came in and assured us that it was a fast moving storm and would soon be out of the area.  Sure enough, by 7:15 the storm was gone, leaving only wet pavement and a few puddles to deal with.  A few roads had gravel and dirt washouts but we were spared any flooding issues on today's route.

This is called the Hill Country Tour for a good reason - there is no shortage of challenging hills each day.  The last section after lunch always seems to include some particularly tough climbs.

Retta Deane took advantage of a tour at the Baraboo Circus Museum, but I was more interested in finishing the last 36 miles before another possible storm rolled in.  We had dinner at Arthur's Supper Club in Spring Green with several other riders.  Tomorrow I plan to take the shorter option (46 miles) as I think only a handful of riders are going for the long route (86 miles).  The long route will be "on your own" - no supported rest stops and lunch, just get what you need in convenience stores.

Rain was coming down in sheets this morning as we ate breakfast
The Round Barn motel is where we are staying tonight in Spring Green WI

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  1. Y'all have some really good PAC people --- glad you are having a safe trip.
    Give Deane a hug ( and hope she was able to take photos inside the Museum ).
    Construction continues ....

    Safe travels,