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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Wisconsin Hill Country Day 1 - Beloit to Dodgeville

This morning's breakfast was a sit-down, order off the menu affair in the restaurant attached to our motel.  PAC Tour picked up the tab, as breakfasts, lunches, and snack stops are included as part of the tour package.

We enjoyed great weather today, although it was getting pretty hot in the afternoon.  Quiet back roads with minimal traffic contributed to a wonderful day of riding.  At lunch (71 mile point) I was thinking the route hadn't been as tough as I was expecting.  That idea was quickly dismissed during the final 24 miles, as we faced many, many tough steep rollers.  I would get to the top of one that seemed to be the highest peak around, and be looking at another set of rolling hills.  This part of Wisconsin is known as the Driftless Region.'

We are spending the night at a very nice lodge type of motel in Dodgeville.  Tomorrow will be 80 miles to Viroqua.

Susan encouraging some riders prior to morning departure
I left a little before Alice from Louisiana but she caught up just before first rest stop
Drew and Elizabeth just before first rest stop.  Drew is crewing so rides every other day

Lunch stop at Yellowstone Lake
View from the top of one of the many steep rolling hills


  1. Very different scenery than last Tour (I'm tucked into your helmet - the view is really good from this vantage point) ~

    (making sure things don't get too wild down here)

  2. I love your blogs and pictures! It is such a privilege to ride with you! Only one correction- I'm from Louisiana, not Ms!!!:)

    1. Corrected - sorry about that! Since you ride with Michelle I put down MS but should have checked the roster.