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Friday, July 14, 2017

Wisconsin Hill Country Day 6 - New Glarus to Beloit

The final day of Wisconsin Hill Country was marked by overcast skies and cool temperatures, with some wind (hindered some of the time; helped at other times).  The cloud cover and cool air made for very good cycling conditions.

We were not disappointed with the course - very scenic and low traffic conditions.  Some of the rolling terrain was such that we could maintain momentum enough to power up the next hill after a descent, but a good number of hills slowed us down enough to require the use of low gears and patience.

The distance was 77 miles, so we had only a single rest stop in the morning and a lunch stop.  All riders were in by around 2:30 p.m., with bike disassembly and packing going on in the parking lot.  Several riders are leaving today, while the rest of us will depart tomorrow a.m.

It has been a great week.  PAC Tour never puts on a casual ride, but for those up to the challenge it is a fantastic bike touring company, attested to by the large number of returning riders.




  1. It was a great week! Thank you for letting us ride with you. You are a calm, steady, professional role model!!

  2. Enjoyed 'riding along with you' ... stay safe on the way back ;)