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Friday, August 5, 2016

Northern Transcon Day 20 - Albert Lea MN to La Crosse WI

Yesterday afternoon's storm front in Albert Lea MN had cleared the skies and lowered the humidity, so we enjoyed great weather throughout the day as we continued our trek across southern Minnesota and across the Mississippi River into Wisconsin.  Climbing was moderate, with some rolling hills after mile 60.  Today's route also featured two sections on a paved bike trail, with the second going for 41 miles.  This second trail generally followed the course of the Root River, and had several wooden bridges crossing the river.

We have been startled more than once by suddenly encountering rumble strips across the entire width of the road about 100 yards before a stop sign.  These are very jarring and unpleasant on a bike but fortunately no one crashed.  As a result, we started looking for these rumble strips as soon as we saw a stop sign, in order to ride around them.

We crossed the Mississippi River very near the end of today's ride, as La Crosse WI is right on the river.  There was the Friday afternoon traffic to deal with in La Crosse, as well as old pavement with its cracks and potholes.  Retta worked with Susan after lunch to pick up a new crew member at the airport and do grocery shopping.

We will have two days in Wisconsin.  Tomorrow will take us to Portage, and then it will be on to Manitowoc where we will board a ferry to take us across Lake Michigan.

Brett about to overtake me

Eating on the run

First bike path - about 12 miles on this one

A 300 foot bridge over the Root River (part of bike path)
Entering our 7th state - Wisconsin
This bridge featured a separated lane for bikes and pedestrians

Mississippi River at La Crosse WI


  1. Rural southern MN scenes remind me of NW Illinois (well, not the extreme NW, but the flat parts not quite so close to Galena).