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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Northern Transcon Day 26 - Imlay City MI to St Thomas ON, Canada

This is the beginning of the last week of the tour, and also the beginning of the newest section of the Northern Transcontinental - instead of going southeast toward Williamsburg VA, the route heads north into Canada before crossing New York and Massachusetts.

The day started out with heavily overcast skies, but mild temperatures.  About 3 miles after leaving the motel, Jack flatted on the shoulder of Route 53, due to some road debris.  I stayed with him, mostly to provide moral support as he had everything he needed (tube, tire boot, pump).  We caught up with half a dozen riders at the second rest stop, and after quickly consuming some cookies, fruit  and water, left with them to catch the ferry from Marine City MI to Sombra ON.  We made it just in time, to join almost all of the other riders who had been waiting 20 minutes.  Once in Canada, everyone parked their bikes and waited in a line to show passports.

Riding in the extreme southern part of Ontario was pleasant, as the area is primarily agricultural.  We did encounter a detour with about 6 miles of gravel that added 3 miles overall to the already long day.  We were also overdue for some rain, and the lunch stop was hit with numerous heavy thunderstorms.  Jack and I left in what we thought was a lull, and managed to get past the line of storms after a few miles.  Many of the other riders who normally finish ahead of us elected to stay at the lunch stop, thinking to wait out the storm.  However, this put them over an hour behind us at the end of the day.

Tomorrow we ride 130 miles to Niagara Falls!  We could be taking off in some thunderstorms in the morning.

Barry pointing out a storm grate to avoid as we ride toward the ferry
All the riders (except the very fast ones) were on this ferry going across the St Clair River to Canada

Looking back at Marine City MI from the ferry
Marine City MI
Going through the line at Canadian Customs
Canadian Flag

Gravel road that was part of the detour of 6 miles
Storm approaching
Flooded lunch stop

Jumbo the Elephant Monument in St Thomas, Ontario

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  1. Those fields with baled hay could have been out in the county. Safe travels for y'all.