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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Northern Transcon Day 31 - Bennington VT to Gardner MA

This was the last full day of riding, although it could be argued that tomorrow's 80 miles still qualifies as "full".  Skies were cloudy but it was not until shortly after 3 pm that we got any rain, so many of the riders finished dry.  Jack and I were just leaving the last water stop 11 miles from the end when rain started, so we had a wet end to the day.

A real tough, long climb of 4 miles starting at mile 21 (after entering Massachusetts at mile 12) on Route 2 served as an introduction to the Berkshires.  This route is known as the Mohawk Trail.  It parallels the Deerfield River for many miles, and goes through the towns of Florida and Shelburne Falls, and ends in Greenfield.

Although there were mostly good roads with shoulders, we also had some of the worst pavement of the tour, and heavy traffic at times.  Fortunately most drivers were patient and gave adequate space when passing.

Following lunch at Great Falls Discovery Center (outside), the afternoon was mostly rolling terrain with long gentle climbs.

We have our last early morning outside breakfast (6 am) tomorrow in the motel parking lot, then it will be off to our final destination in Peabody MA.

Across the street from Bennington VT motel
Final state of the transcontinental tour

View from Western Summit of Mohawk Trail
A little extra energy within easy reach (top tube bag)
At the Western Summit of Mohawk Trail

Typical long grade that we climbed

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  1. 'Entering Florida' --- made me smile .... certainly different than the Florida where we used to live
    .. no Palm Trees ?

    See you when y'all get home,