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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Northern Transcon Day 29 - Geneva to Little Falls NY

Everyone knew this day would be tough, from the advertised elevation gain.  Those with a Garmin claim it was more like 8400 feet than the 7700 feet on the cue sheet.

We were treated to a few rain showers in the morning, including a couple of brief downpours, but the overcast skies and cooler, less humid weather made for ideal conditions to climb all of the hills.  None were as long as the Big Horn Mountains, but were just as steep.  We followed a route south of Syracuse and I-90 through many small towns, including Seneca Falls, Lafayette, Bouckville, and East and West Winfield.  The most difficult climbing was between mile 35 and mile 81.  There were long steep grades followed by fast downhills where you would lose all of your elevation and have to gain it all back when the road turned up again.

Tomorrow we have a little later departure time (7:15 instead of 6:30) due to riding a shorter distance (108 instead of 132 miles).  The destination is Bennington VT.  We still have some serious climbing over the next two days.

Old downtown area of Seneca Falls NY
Seneca Falls
First Presbyterian Church in Seneca Falls
Finger Lakes region of western NY
An example of the type of terrain we had today.  In the distance it can be seen how the road curves up steeply.  Picture was taken after we had climbed this long grade.
A big outdoor flea market in Brouckville.  These tents and canopies continued for a couple of miles.

The Erie Canal at Little Falls NY



  1. Way to go Bob!!!
    Press on to the finish!!!
    Strength, courage, wisdom!!!

  2. A pretty area. I love the Finger Lakes area. Ron VanNostrand is from Ovid! . You are almost there, Bob! Great to follow your journey.

  3. Good energies sent your way !