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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Northern Transcon Day 24 - Ludington to Midland MI

Due to Ludington MI being very close to the western edge of the Eastern Time Zone, it was still dark when we started breakfast at 6:00 this morning.  However, skies were clear and no fog, and by the time riders started at 6:30, things were lightening up.  Most riders turn on a flashing taillight for the first couple of hours.

Southern Michigan has some excellent roads for biking, with good pavement and shoulders.  Traffic was a little heavy on Rt. 10 leaving Ludington, but as soon as we turned south on Walhalla Rd around mile 14, the traffic largely disappeared and riding was more pleasant.

We picked up a couple more riders in the last few days, and will lose a few soon (partial tour riders).

Jack and I continue to ride most days together, although there can be 100 yards between us at times, depending on who feels stronger climbing a hill.  Another group of 3 - 5 riders is usually about 10 minutes ahead of us, but they take more time at the rest stops and lunch, so end up passing us several times during the day.  Susan holds the fastest riders back after breakfast to give us slower ones a little head start, but they usually catch us within the first 25 miles.

Today's route had minimal climbing, and all but about five or six miles had very good pavement.  One section was in very bad condition, with patches on top of patches.  It was tough threading our way around the potholes.

We enjoyed a very nice 20 mile section of the Pere Marquette Rail-Trail following the afternoon rest stop.  The paved trail is in good condition and parallels Rt. 10.

We continue to be blessed with good weather.  Tomorrow will be a slightly shorter day - 103 miles to Imlay City MI.

Near the first rest stop

Afternoon rest stop.  24 miles left to motel
Pere Marquette Rail-Trail
Jack and I working on finishing another tour day

Retta and Aracely washing lunch dishes


  1. So glad the weather is being good ... the roads - that's another thing! Enjoying the tour and glad to see Deane.
    Have you passed any Shoe Trees ?

    Will see you later in the month - we are all proud of your accomplishments.


    1. Peggy, we have seen many interesting sights, but no shoe trees yet