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Friday, August 12, 2016

Northern Transcon Day 27 - St Thomas to Niagara Falls ON, Canada

Instead of departing under a thunderstorm, we had very nice weather today, although pretty hot and humid.  A group of five of us couldn't make it in to the finish hotel in time to avoid a thunderstorm, so our last two miles were in the rain.  The sun came out again quickly, so we were able to wash bikes and take shoes off to dry while waiting for our motel rooms to be ready.

This was the day with the least amount of climbing, although some were disputing the advertised 500 feet of cumulative climbing.  We also had the benefit of a strong tailwind most of the day, with some headwinds and cross wind for about 15 miles.  There were a few short sections of very rough pavement, but no one bent a rim or crashed as a result.

Retta and I walked down to see Niagara Falls after getting cleaned up.  We have never been here before, so this was a new and exciting experience.  The weather this evening is clear so that is a big help in getting a good view.

Tomorrow we enter New York, with a destination of Geneva.  Climbing will be a little more (about 2500 feet cumulative), and then will ramp up quickly the next day as we go through the Finger Lakes region of NY.


  1. So cool that this new routing goes into Canada

  2. Good to see smiling faces ...

    All is well in this corner of the World..
    See you soon,

  3. Beautiful area! Nice to see your smiles!