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Monday, August 15, 2016

Northern Transcon Day 30 - Little Falls NY to Bennington VT

This was our last day over 100 miles, and there was dry weather all day.  We had some climbing but not nearly as much as yesterday.  The challenges were more in the rough pavement and heavy traffic.  It is a balancing act as you keep one eye on a rearview mirror and try to find the smoothest part of the lane, then move over for traffic while avoiding potholes and large inline cracks.

Once we got off the main highway and onto some back roads, riding was pleasant and peaceful.  We had lunch at the city park in Saratoga Springs.
One rider, Cliff, had originally planned to turn south from Saratoga and ride home to NJ with a couple of friends.  His last night with PAC Tour was at Little Falls.

The PAC Tour Dodge Caravan died today so Retta was called on to help shuttle some crew members around.

The climbing is not over yet - there is supposed to be 5000 feet of climbing tomorrow as we enter Massachusetts.  Then it will just be the final segment to the finish on Wednesday.

Getting ready to depart from Little Falls NY

Rural scene in western NY

Erie Canal

Typical scene as we traveled through NY




  1. Sounds like Retta Deane likely had a most interesting day. Possibly the most interesting of her days? And more interesting than your most interesting day?

  2. Almost ! You have taken us all on quite a journey.