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Monday, July 25, 2016

Northern Transcon Day 9 - Butte to Bozeman MT

We continued our trek across western Montana today, enjoying perfect weather and more fantastic scenery.  Care must be taken while looking around, though, as each rider needs to be paying careful attention to traffic, road obstructions, and other riders (if not solo at a particular time).  Just as in a motor vehicle, cell phone usage while riding is not allowed.

The first challenge of the day (8.5 miles from start) was a tough climb up Pipestone Pass.  The cool air and shade early in the morning helped.  The summit of this pass is at the Continental Divide, but there wasn't much in the way of a marker.

We were treated to beautiful views of the Madison River and Tobacco Root Mountains.  The Madison River is popular with rafters, and we saw a few.

Following a great lunch featuring grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches, there was another 25 miles to the motel in Bozeman.  Temperatures climbed to 91 F, and the long grades with no shade were difficult.  Fifteen miles from the end, Susan had stopped with ice and water which was a welcome break.

Tomorrow it is on to Columbus MT, 105 miles with about 2300 feet of climbing.

At the top of Pipestone Pass (6453 ft)
Near Whitehall MT

Wide open beauty of western Montana

Along the Madison River on State Hwy 84

Madison River

Rock formations across from river
View of Madison River from lunch stop.  We saw a few rafters go by.
 Lunch stop 

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  1. Beautiful scenery, Bob ... keep enjoying the ride !