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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Northern Transcon Day 3 - Winthrop to Coulee Dam WA

This was a challenging day with a lot of extended climbing.  We had sunny  weather all day.  After leaving Winthrop, there were a few miles of gently rolling terrain, and then around mile 9 we started a 12 mile climb up Loup Loup Pass.  The first rest stop was at the top of the pass, and a great 7 mile downhill followed.  Unlike yesterday's descent from Washington Pass, this one was fun due to the improved weather.

We went through the towns of Okanogan and Omak before continuing on State Hwy 155.  More climbing was required to get to Disautel Summit where we enjoyed another filling lunch put out by the PAC Tour crew.  We finished out the day with views of the Columbia River gorge and Grand Coulee Dam. 

Long time crew member John L getting breakfast ready

Hot air balloon visible from Winthrop motel
Rode a good part of the day with Michelle and Jack
Michelle is on crew and rides every other day
Jack is a great guy and has ridden other PAC Tours
Taking a break in central Washington
Group of PAC Tour riders approaching.  We played leapfrog all day
My "cockpit"
A couple of faster riders passed me up a climb
Start of nice long downhill after leaving rest stop
Grand Coulee Dam

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  1. Hey Binghams! Glad to have finally caught up with reading about your tour since we got home from vacation this week. Sounds like fun times even though day 2 sounded rough weather wise. I would love to know more about what Deane does too. Hope aches and pains are at a minimum so far and that all joints, physical and mechanical, will hold up well. Looking forward to enjoying the ride vicariously through your blogs.