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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Northern Transcon Day 11 - Columbus MT to Powell WV

We turned south today, away from I-90, and into some serious climbing through the area surrounding Red Lodge MT.  Many long grades and steeply rolling hills contributed to a total of 5500 feet of climbing.  The second half of this 110 mile day was less strenuous, with a lot of good downhills and flatter terrain.

Wyoming is our fourth state, and the lunch trailer was parked just over the state line.  After lunch we rode through many miles of treeless wilderness, with little sign of life.

I started the day with Jack and Michelle, but decided to drop off the back of a rather large pack of riders that they had hooked up with.  I rode with Sridhar and Kathleen to the first rest stop, then left with a couple of other riders.  It is normal to ride with different small groups; they just spontaneously form depending on how long one stays at rest stops and how fast a pace is desired.  Generally I try to avoid getting in a paceline, as they take away some of the enjoyment of the trip, which is to observe all of the beauty and have fun.

Tomorrow is the big one we have all been nervously anticipating - climbing the Big Horn Mountains.

Along Hwy 78 in southwestern Montana
Good looking farm
Another farm
Sridhar leading the way in our final miles in Montana
Saw a lot of these hay bales
Entering Wyoming.  Lunch trailer with riders can be seen in the background.  I'm standing with Tim and Kathleen, a couple from AZ who are riding this tour.
Wyoming landscape
Many miles in Wyoming look like this
A lot of arid land
Some rock formations to break things up a bit


  1. Enjoying your posts! Love the pics… have a blast climbing tomorrow, every once in awhile stop and look back over your shoulder the views will be amazing.

  2. Such beautiful la lands you are sharing with us back home. Am really riding on your shoulder ~