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Friday, August 17, 2018

NY Lakes & Seaway Tour Day 6

Today was the final day for the Lakes and Seaway Tour - a 76 mile route from Malone NY to Burlington VT.  With a strong possibility of rain in the forecast, everyone prepared with some rain gear.  Best case scenario was showing the rain holding off until 11 am.  However, we were fortunate in that the rain did not start until about 1:00 pm, when all riders were waiting inside for the ferry to take us back to Burlington VT from NY.

We had over twice as much climbing as yesterday, over the same distance (76 miles).  Knowing that we had to get to the ferry terminal by 12:45 for the 1:30 ferry added a little stress, but the ride went well.  Some of the route was on a very lightly traveled back road through a forest and past Loon Lake, with both short challenging climbs and fast descents.

The last approximately 20 miles followed the Ausable River before going by Ausable Chasm and down to Port Kent for the one hour ferry ride across Lake Champlain.  We still had about 3 miles to ride from the ferry terminal to the hotel, and this included a long hill and wet streets with some large puddles.

This has been a great tour and we met several new people.  As usual, Lon and Susan put on a first class event.


  1. Great blog. I always enjoy seeing you and Retta's smiling faces.

  2. Love how the ferry gets 'packed ' ... rather choppy water it seems.
    Look forward to a southbound arrival,

    (it's hot here)