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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jersey Turns 40

2012 marks the year this long sleeved wool jersey turns 40 years old. It is a relic from John F Kucharik, whose name has been synonymous with quality bicycle clothing for several decades. No doubt some of you are thinking that bike I am on in the 1972 photo looks more interesting than the jersey, and you would be right. It is a Bianchi Campione from the early 50s (it was NOS when I bought it in '72). I know, I should have sold the jersey and kept the bike. I think it had the same frame as a Specialissima except the seat lug was not chrome and there were no chrome rings on the seat tube. It had Campagnolo drop outs, Gran Sport derailleurs, Magistroni steel crankset, and long arm Universal brakes. By the time I sold it I had replaced everything with a Nuovo Record groupset, so that would have lowered its "classic" value.

Note that the only bike helmets available in '72 were padded leather "hairnets". I did have one but was not consistent in wearing it.


  1. Happy Birthday to the jersey!

    How do you remember WHEN you acquired that jersey? Is it also your birthday or something?


  2. @M - easy, I was working in a bike shop (Selkirk Bergsport in Spokane) that year, so that was where I purchased bike clothes, bikes, and components.

  3. In this case, it's the man who makes the clothes, not the other way around. Clearly, you take good care of things! (yes, I can confidently make that generalization on the basis of a single case)
    Happy 2012 to you!