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Monday, August 23, 2010

Yanceyville Ramble

The turnout for Saturday's (Aug 21) Yanceyville Ramble was a record, based on what is listed on the RUSA website for this permanent. About half the group collected in Cracker Barrel off Cole Mill Rd. in Durham a little after 6 a.m. for some breakfast before gathering outside to kick off the ride at 7. Branson is acting as the 'stand-in' permanent owner for John Morris. A thanks to Maria Falbo (Yville Ride), who in her quest to conquer every NC permanent this year helped to renew interest in this route, and rode it earlier in the week.

Joel, Henry, Branson, Mike D, Jerry, Tim, John O, Lynn L, and I were treated to some clear skies and slightly reduced humidity, though temps heated up in the afternoon to around 90. The first 'competition' was to find out who could post the highest speed down the long, curving hill on Pleasant Green Rd. I don't recall if there was a clear winner, but 41.6 - 41.8 was the range for the top speed. Branson on his fixed gear was at an obvious disadvantage.

I dropped off the back of the peloton around 25 miles into the ride, but the main group was still in Yanceyville (46 miles) when I arrived a little before 10. Joel had been keeping Branson company behind me and the three of us would play leap frog most of the day. A two mile detour due to Corbett Ridge Rd being closed turned the total distance into 133 miles, although Joel decided to try out his cyclocross skills on the way back and hoof it across the construction area (new culvert).

Today was saddle experimentation for me - the Pro Stuff online shop in Boulder CO offers a demo program for Selle SMP saddles that just costs the round trip shipping amount. I tried out the Evolution model and had to move it back about an inch at the Yanceyville return control. I believe I'll return to the Brooks B17 for now.

It was good to see Gilbert Anderson at his Yanceyville shop. He still likes to 'blame' me for getting him started with Moultons, as I brought an early model ('85) space frame Moulton to him about 10 years ago to sell on consignment. Gilbert decided he wanted it, and the rest is history. That AM7 (single chainring and 7 speed freewheel) was what I used on a couple of the Assaults on Mt Mitchell in the late 90s.

Another great day for a permanent. Thanks Branson for setting up the ride.


  1. Great riding with you, Bob. You're riding very well and it was hard to keep you in sight!

  2. It's great to see Yanceyville back on the randonneur circuit! I look forward to riding there again in 2011--Hi to all from NZ. Cheers, John Morris